Alexandre Guedes de Oliveira

Founder, Partner

Graduated in Architecture with post-graduation in marketing and textile design. Speaks Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Alexandre started GT in 1985. According to Alex, GT’s competitive advantage lies with our people. A thoughtful leader and acknowledged authority on the sourcing world, he is passionate about accessing both global perspectives and local expertise to meet the needs of customers, wherever we operate. Outside GT, Alexandre is interested in design, cars and good wine.


Ana Gigante


Ana joined GT in 1993 and ever since she has been a key person in the team, very persistent and working hard to achieve her goals. Keeping always in mind all information learned along the years, Ana communicates in a transparent and kind way, been very loyal to all the team.
Ana speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian.
She loves music and is a great Latin dancer.

Isabel Soares


Having a background in Applied Mathematics, Isabel decided to turn things around and joined GT in 2002. She is now the senior manager responsible for managing the relationships with our continental clients. Isabel is a strong leader known for tenacity and positive ‘can-do’ attitude. She does what she loves most, which is coordinating teams to produce and deliver exceptional garments. Seen by her friends as very imaginative and proactive, she also loves to travel to warm places and reading WWII books. She is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, and English.

Paulo Guedes


Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and Post-graduated in Brand Management, Paulo joined GT in 2010 and he is responsible for the shoes and accessories department. He’s an excellent communicator, very thoughtful and positive, speaks Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish. Endowed with a natural curiosity likes to get involved in various areas of knowledge especially those related to new trends and design. He enjoys life outdoors, travelling and discovering new places.


Lina Silva

Production Director

Lina joined the team in 2003 and ever since she has been the person in charge for the quality checking on every garment piece we make.
With a very high skill in pattern making, she is detail-oriented and very professional. Lina is also seen by her colleagues and clients as 100% reliable and with a friendly nature.
In her free time, she enjoys relaxing under the sun and reading.


Rodrigo Ferrão

Senior Account Manager

Rodrigo joined GT in 2012, after attending Law School in Coimbra and helping to launch a couple of bookstores in the north of Portugal. His entrepreneurial and business acumen led him to create a platform about books and literature which has now reached over 30.000 people globally and thousands of views. That has also helped him to quickly gain the trust of his colleagues, partners and clients. Rodrigo is fluent in Portuguese and English. He is an avid reader and writer, and loves to take long trips to new countries and continents.


Suzy Coelho

Senior Account Manager

Suzy is a highly motivated professional and although she has been one of the latest to join the GT team, in 2014, her fast integration says as much about her "easy going" personality as of her high level of expertise in the textile industry. Suzy has always a helping hand to spare and her English level is a great added value to the office. After work, Suzy is the first one to join anyone in an interesting program, either it's a movie session or a drink she is always available to join her team mates.


Alexandra Ferreira

Senior Account Manager

Alexandra joined GT at the end of 2016. Although she is new in GT she has over 20 years experience in the textile area. Alexandra is a very reliable person, always with a smile and easy-going attitude. Very professional and detail oriented, she tends to create a warm and friendly environment around her. She loves chocolates and is a wonderful cook. She is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Pedro Macedo

Quality Controller

Pedro joined GT in 2016 bringing strong technical capacities to the footwear department, where his role is assuring the production quality throughout the whole suppliers’ network.
He has over 10 years’ experience in the footwear industry, where he worked on different roles such as pattern making and production management. Pedro is a curious and ambitious person who is always willing to learn and improve his performance.
When not at work Pedro likes to make BTT rides and spend time with friends and family.